Happy WINSday Giveaway Linky of 7/29/15

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Happy Wednesday, everybody! In celebration of making it halfway through the week, welcome to my weekly #HappyWINSday giveaway linky! Drop by every Wednesday (or Thursday because it’ll be open through the end of that day, too) to add your blog giveaways to my linky and/or to find awesome giveaways to enter. Show Some Love I put in {Read More}

Mastering Your Laundry Mountain


Pretty much everyone has been there to one extent or another at one time or the next. That moment when you realize that you’re behind on laundry. Like, WAY behind. As a result, an ominous pile of dirty clothes looms in your home. Maybe you often forget about the clothes in the washer until they’re stinky, necessitating {Read More}

Young Living’s Light the Fire Sale

Join the YL Family

If you’ve been eyeballing Young Living’s amazing new Premium Starter Kits–complete with modern new label designs–then NOW is the time to get one! Why? Because of Young Living’s Light the Fire Sale. For a limited time only, new members can purchase a starter kit for $10 off and existing members can get one for 10% {Read More}

Homemade Real Food Pancake Syrup

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Ok. I know what you’re probably thinking. Isn’t maple syrup–like real, from-the-trees, maple syrup–THE real food pancake syrup? Well, yes, yes it is. But here’s the deal. My family and I LOVE syrup on our pancakes, waffles, ice cream… And to use authentic, real maple syrup for all five of us (more if we have guests over), well, {Read More}

NingXia Wolfberry No-bake Energy Bites

ningxia bites

As the mom to three kids ages {just barely} 5 and under, I am well-acquainted with the feeling of being exhausted and drained. It’s not a fun feeling and I like to nix it as soon as I can when I drag myself out of bed in the morning. After all, I have a TON {Read More}

$400 Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Giveaway {US}


Welcome to the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Giveaway sponsored by Medela and hosted by The Pistachio Project! Recycling has become a pretty common activity in our everyday lives. We recycle at home, we recycle at work, we even have recycling bins on the streets and in businesses now! But what about the bigger items that we {Read More}

Homemade Hummingbird Nectar

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Hummingbird nectar is definitely one of those “why buy when you can DIY” things. A lot of DIY stuff I don’t care for because they’re either too much work or cost just as much (or more!) than just buying it (like the kids’ sandbox) or a combination of both. But hummingbird nectar–which costs as much as $7 for 32 {Read More}

Neatly Store and Travel with Small Toys with the Lay-n-Go

This clever activity mat was invented by parents who also beheld the woes of Lego users and therefore set out to make a better way.

When I was a kid, I remember having gazillions of Legos. And I do mean GAZILLIONS. I was a creative kid so I was constantly playing with them. And accidentally leaving them everywhere. My problem? Storage. I kept them neatly stashed in a 5-gallon bucket. But, the trouble was that, when I wanted to play with them, {Read More}

DIY Towel Turban {For Drying Your Hair}

towel turban

I really like towel turbans for two main reasons: 1) they’re smaller and therefore lighter than a full towel, making them less of a pain in the neck, and 2) they stay on my head without flopping around and falling off (which makes it super easy to do stuff, especially stuff requiring moving around, much more {Read More}