#HappyWINSday Giveaway Linky of 3/25/15

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Happy Wednesday, everybody! In celebration of making it halfway through the week, welcome to my weekly #HappyWINSday giveaway linky! Drop by every Wednesday (or Thursday because it’ll be open through the end of that day, too) to add your blog giveaways to my linky and/or to find awesome giveaways to enter. Show Some Love I put in {Read More}

Homemade Orange Elderberry Syrup

Homemade Orange Elderberry Syrup--MeasuringFlower.com

The winter to spring transition always hits my immunity hard. Which is why I’m thankful for elderberry syrup. Elderberry syrup does great to support the immune system to help prevent or overcome common sicknesses faster, which is especially helpful this time of year! Elderberry syrup is a great go-to for the cold and flu season because {Read More}

Introducing the Daysy Fertility Monitor


There are two main reasons that a woman tracks her fertility. One is to prevent pregnancy. The other is to encourage it. Unfortunately, tracking fertility can be a bit of a pain. You have to get a basal thermometer and write down details concerning your morning temperature. Then you have to understand what it all {Read More}

Happy WINSday Giveaway Linky of 3/11/15

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Happy Hump Day, everyone! You’ve officially made it halfway through the week! To celebrate this mini milestone, welcome to my weekly Happy WINSday giveaway linky! Drop by every Wednesday to add your blog giveaways to my linky and/or to find awesome giveaways to enter. Also feel free to discover what giveaways I am currently holding. {Read More}

February’s Tasteful Young Living Promotions {Includes a February Exclusive!}


Essential oils are great for making the most out of your wellness. But did you know that they’re also awesome for boosting flavor in the kitchen? Young Living’s romantic Italian-inspired February promotions help you achieve extra yummy meals–including Taste of Italy, an exclusive February-only blend! Need some mealtime inspiration for your spiffy Taste of Italy essential oil {Read More}

9 All-natural Home Remedies for Heartburn


Super spicy food and donuts. Those are and always have been the main triggers for my heartburn. Especially when I was pregnant! I officially hate Tums (I’ve consumed more than my fair share while pregnant so now even the mere sight of them makes me gag). And other medications may not be the most healthful (especially {Read More}

7 All-natural Home Remedies for a Toothache


A toothache can be debilitating. It distracts your concentration from conversations or whatever is going on around you. It robs you of sleep at night. And it’s just plain annoying. I recently suffered from two simultaneous toothaches. I knew they were coming—I’d been warned. I just didn’t know when. They were caused by an orthodontist {Read More}