Goodbye GFC, Hello Google+

Ringing in a new year brings in many changes–even in the blogging world. Come March 1, 2012, Google Friend Connect for all non-Blogger blogs shall be no more! While I think that this kinda sucks since I literally only switched to WordPress about 2 months ago, it is also, in my opinion a welcome change. Google Friend Connect had little purpose other than to exhibit who followed your blog as very few followers actually keep up with the blog via GFC. On the other hand, many public relations personnel value the number of GFC followers a blog has. So, we’ll see how this goes!
As an alternative, Google has offered the use of the Google+ page. Similar to a Facebook fan page, a Google+ page has a wall where the blogger can share posts, an "About" tab where visitors can learn more about the blog, and photo and video tabs.
Once a Google+ page is created, the blogger can create a badge like this one (by the way, please do join my G+ page–leave me a link to yours in the comments and I’ll join yours too!):

Oh, and for all you Blogger blogs–I have heard rumors that Google will eventually remove GFC completely, even from Blogger blogs. So you, too, might want to start building your Google+ page just in case!
Click HERE to learn more about what Google has to say about this change and how to set up your own G+ page.




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    Hi TJ,

    I heard the news today and am also disappointed that Google is dropping a product that so many bloggers use and rely on.  However, I am not surprised as I was told on the Blogger Forums that Google is no longer supporting GFC (they closed the GFC help forums MONTHS ago) and I believe that it is just a matter of time before they drop it from Blogger too.

    I will be following you on Google Plus as soon as I have a chance to create my page and will invite you to join me there as well at that time. In the meantime, please stop by and join my RSS feed!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!  I visit your blog daily but rarely have a chance to tell you how much I enjoy it!


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    Thank you for sharing this info.  I just set mine up and would love a follow if you get a chance.  I am following you.

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      Hey, Desiree! I tried to add you to my circles, but for some reason the link leads to a blank page. If you have a min, could you please let me know what your G+ URL is again? Thanks!

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