WeePantz One Size Fits Most Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway {CLOSED}


After trying some popular cloth diaper brands with little to no success with her daughter, Amy began sewing cloth diapers in 2008 in preparation for the son she was pregnant with. She had no intention of beginning her own business with these diapers, but after various friends asked her to make her adorable nappies for them, and after receiving positive feedback from these friends, she decided to start WeePantz in March of 2009.
Amy’s cloth diapers are created with endurance in mind. The highly absorbent interior of WeePantz diapers are constructed of four layers of bamboo, a chemical-free fabric with strong, long-lasting fibers. The exterior of WeePantz diapers are made with PUL (polyurethane laminate), a waterproof and microporous (breathable) fabric.
  • Two rows of snaps to stop wing drop.
  • Super absorbent bamboo for maximum absorbency.
  • Boosters snap in and out for easy cleaning and fast drying.
  • Lush minky outer with hidden PUL for waterproofing.
  • Adjustable rise snaps.
  • Soft microfleece inner keeps baby comfortable and dry.
Discover It
WeePantz sent us one of their One Size Fits Most nappies in the Silly Bubbles print.
This cloth diaper has four rise settings to grow as your child does. There are two rows of snaps along the waistline which keep the diaper from drooping as many diapers with only one row of snaps tend to do.
Also assisting in preventing the diaper from drooping are four snaps on each of the closures. This also helps to make the diaper stay on extra securely in case your child likes to undo the snaps (like mine does).
The diaper has overlap snaps (the female snaps on the left of the photo). This makes it possible to further “shrink” the waistline to fit a tinier waist.
Here’s the super-soft microfleece interior of the diaper. It’s sewn securely with a straight stitch.
The insert, called a “booster,” is constructed of absorbent bamboo. It has two layers, sewn together on the short ends but open in the middle for better washing and quicker drying.
On one end of the insert are three snap settings to lengthen or shorten it to match your baby’s height. Simply fold over the end to the appropriate setting.
On the opposite end of the insert are two more snaps which attach to the back interior of the diaper. This keeps the insert in its place and also prevents the child from being able to pull the insert out.
The diaper fit the Little Mister on the second rise setting. It fit beautifully around the legs and the waist.
The WeePantz diaper also did its job very well. It was tested while the Little Mister was teething, so it received its share of explosive, extra yucky #2 and the Little Mister’s typical amount of #1. No leaks!
Overall, I significantly like the cloth diaper. Its exterior, in addition to being super cute, is also very smooth and soft.
The snaps are wonderful–I love that there are four snaps on the closures, especially since the Little Mister has recently been discovering he can undo ANY diaper closure. Since there are four, I typically hear the “snap, snap” of him pulling it apart before he’s all the way there, which means I can stop him before any potential messes are made!
I also like that the diaper is an all-in-two, meaning that there is no pocket to stuff. I honestly don’t mind stuffing pockets myself, but my husband, whose arms are thicker than mine, often has a harder time stuffing pockets. Therefore, the fact that the insert simply snaps inside the diaper rather than needing to be stuffed makes it very husband friendly.
And I enjoy that the insert is a double insert. This diaper makes an excellent nap time and overnight diaper because of this extra thick absorbency. I love that the double insert parts are sewn together (no need to fish for the partner in the clean laundry basket for both halves). And I like that they’re only attached at the ends (not all the way around) as this makes washing and drying much more efficient.
I can’t really find anything to complain about with this diaper. It is very sturdily constructed, works well, fits well, feels good, and is highly attractive.
Buy It
You can purchase one size fits most, sized all-in-ones, sized all-in-twos, diaper accessories, and more online at www.WeePantz.com.

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