How to Make a Flower-shaped Gift Card with Envelope {Plus Free Printables}

Check these out. Aren't they super cute?! This is the gift giver's, party thrower's, and scrapbooker's delight. And just in time for Mother's Day! What are they? They're flower-shaped gift cards! Or, if you'd rather, greeting cards.
Here's how one looks by itself. Notice the cute scrapbooking cardstock I used (I love cupcakes!) and the ribbon to keep it shut. And notice the delicate, flowery shape. I'm excited about these! They're the perfect springtime accompaniment for gifts of any kind–or to give by themselves. They'd also make unique baby shower, bridal shower, or even wedding invitations.
Let's untie the ribbon…
…and unfold the petals. Ah, there it is! A simple little greeting on the inside. I wrote this greeting using a Sharpie, but you can also print greetings onto it for a more polished look.
Now I'm gonna show you how to make these cuties {plus envelopes to go with with them}! They're actually pretty easy. A bit like origami, but the really easy kind.
The Card
You'll need:
  • 8-1/2" by 11" plain white cardstock for practice
  • Template With Lines
  • a ruler to press down the creases (optional) OR an Xacto knife to score the dotted lines (optional)
  • 8-1/2" by 11" pretty scrapbooking cardstock
  • Template Without Lines
First, I recommend making a practice card on plain white cardstock so you get the hang of it before using your pretty scrapbooking cardstock. To do this, begin by printing off the Flower Gift Card Template With Lines onto the white cardstock and cut it out.
Following the dotted lines, fold every two petals down like this. I like to press the fold down with the edge of a ruler to make the crease more bendy. If you'd rather, you could score the dotted lines instead then fold them.
Then fold it the opposite direction like so. I again press the crease down with a ruler at this point. Keep folding until the creases in the center of the flower form a star of David (you know, two triangles).
Next, fold each of the petals along the dotted line (NOT all the way across). This is probably the hardest part about this card, and it's still really easy.
Now is the time to write a message using a Sharpie, a pen, a pencil, crayons, a piece of paper glued onto it, etc.
Now, fold the card so the points of each petal are sticking out (I switched from the plain white cardstock to a pretty piece of cardstock in this and the following illustrations).
Next, fold each petal down in a spiral fashion. You can go clockwise or counter clockwise.
Once finished, the card will need to be secured one way or another. Here are some of the ways I secured my cards: with a ribbon and a brad, with just a ribbon, and with just a brad (this last option looks really cute, but does put a hole through the center of the card). I also tried stickers, but they didn't work very well. The flower kept popping open, causing the stickers to unstick.
Once you've made a practice card, it's time to make the real deal. You can do this one of three ways:
  1. Print the Template With Lines onto the back of your decorative scrapbooking cardstock. Cut it out and fold away. This makes folding easy, but it also flaws the interior of the card with lines.
  2. Print the Template Without Lines onto the back of your scrapbooking cardstock. Cut it out then, using a ruler and a pencil, lightly draw the lines onto the back using the Template With Lines as a guide. Fold away then erase the lines.
  3. Print the Template Without Lines onto the back of scrapbooking cardstock and cut it out. Then, just get to folding. After I had practiced with lines, I was easily able to do this.
The Envelope
You'll need:
  • 8-1/2" by 11" scrapbooking paper
  • Envelope Template
  • scissors
  • ruler to press down the creases (optional)
  • craft glue sticks OR double sided tape
The envelope is a lot easier to make than the card, so you probably won't need to do a practice run. Begin by printing the Envelope Template onto the back of your decorative scrapbooking paper or cardstock. Cut it out along the solid lines.
Next, fold along all the dotted lines, keeping them on the inside of the envelope. Just as with the card, I like to use a ruler to press the creases down.
Fold the side flaps inward. Apply glue or double sided tape to the top of these flaps.
Fold the back of the envelope (the bottom flap) up over the side flaps. Press it down against the glue or tape. If you opted to use glue, make sure it is completely dry before putting the envelope to use.
Voila! Now you have super cute matching envelopes to go along with your super cute flower cards!
If you tend to be more of a visual learner or if one of my photo illustrations didn't make sense to you, here's the tutorial in vlog mode.
Free Printables
Basic Printables
These are the printables necessary for this tutorial.
Bonus Printables
Here are some lineless templates with pretty patterns for you to print onto plain white cardstock.



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