Fall Into Green Giveaway Hop: Paper and Plastic Free Kitchen Prize Pack {CLOSED}

Welcome to the Fall Into Green Giveaway Hop hosted by Happy Mothering and Happy Green Mama via the Green Moms Network! This is a giveaway hop which means that, after you have entered my prize (details below), you can "hop" on to the next participating blog to enter their green-themed giveaway as well by clicking on the links in the list at the bottom of this post. Each participating blog is offering an eco-friendly giveaway worth a minimum of $25.

And that's not all! The loveley hostesses for this event have pulled together an awesome grand prize for 2 winners! Each winner of the grand prize giveaway will receive The Tote of Many Colors sponsored by Maggie Bags in the Fall Leaves or Camo colors. Click HERE to enter the grand prize giveaway (it is also the first link on the list at the bottom of this post).
Our Prizes
Here on Measuring Flower, we are offering an awesome Paper and Plastic Free Kitchen Prize Pack worth a total of $100!
One Roll of 12 Cloth Unpaper Towels
One Set of Pink, Yellow, and Red Stretch-a-Roos
One Petite Tote and One Grocery Tote
Mr. Natural's
One #4 Hemp Coffee Filter
How to Enter
This giveaway is being run using a handy-dandy Rafflecopter form. To use the form, log in using your Facebook account (make sure your primary Facebook email is one I can reach you with if you win) or your name and email. You can read more information about logging into the Rafflecopter form HERE. Your information will be kept completely confidential and safe.
Giveaway Rules
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  • Each entry must be accomplished exactly as it is stated, including providing anything in the "Extra Info" field, for it to count.
  • You can perform each entry type ONE TIME ONLY unless otherwise specified.
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The Deadline
Giveaway Ends
Sunday, September 30, 2012 at 11:59 PM EST
Open to U.S. Residents Only

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Disclaimer: TJ and MeasuringFlower.com is not responsible for any hosts, other blogs, or sponsors failing to supply their prize.


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  1. 7

    scoany@yahoo.com'Tiffany says

    The Unpaper Towels are made from a few different materials~ micro fiber terry, black terry, white terry, hemp/cotton terry and flannel.
    Meg A Roos has bamboo inserts in some of her diapers.
    SnapSac has a cooler tote w/a leakproof lining.
    Mr Naturals says hemp fabric filters out grounds perfectly.

  2. 8

    pkeintz@gmail.com'polly says

    the unpaper towel-stain resistant yellow grey & black ferns on black
    meg-a-roo’s designs-grab & go wipe packs-girly………………………………………………………………..
    snap sac-mega tote in pop print……………………………………………………………………………………….
    mr naturals-72″X60″ hemp blanket

  3. 9

    sbcashortie@hotmail.com' says

    My favorite items are:

    The Unpaper Towel – Yellow Flowers on White
    Meg a Roo’s – “Stained Glass w/baby blue” Stretch-a-Roo Combo Pack
    SnapSac – Cool Tote: Neutral
    Mr Natural’s – Blanket!

  4. 11

    savewish@yahoo.com'Sherry Compton says

    Are we supposed to leave one comment – I started to leave a comment for each, then, decided to just leave one.

    From Unpaper towels, I like the 12 Different towels on Micro Fiber Terry
    From Meg A RooGrab & Go Wipe Packs–Girly
    From Snacsac, the Cool Tote: Pop
    From Mr. Natural’s, the napkins

  5. 12

    steph0828@hotmail.com'Stephanie says

    The Unpaper Towel – I like the stain resistant fabric.
    Meg-a-Roo’s Designs – The low shipping costs are great.
    SnapSac – I love the fabric patterns.
    Mr. Natural’s -I like that they are made of hemp.

  6. 13

    tvpg@aol.com'Amanda Alvarado says

    Unpapertowel: I like the Organic* with hemp Towels AND Napkins! green geo.
    Meg A Roos: I like the Sugar and Spice Scrappy Onesize Fitted.
    Snap Sac: I like the Super Tote: Pop
    Mr. Natural’s: I like the Size #4 -Medium coffee filter

  7. 14

    livingbellevue17@gmail.com'Karry says

    UnPaper Towels – B&W geometric shapes

    , Megaroo designs – Purple deco hanging wetbag and kitchen cloth

    ,Snap sac – Mega tote Neutral ,Mr Natural’s – Tea bag

  8. 15

    SnowflakeDayPlay@gmail.com'Audra Weathers says

    From Unpaper towel, I like the 12 different patterns in the blue/green theme roll. I think their prices are great, considering how much real paper towels cost and these can be used over and over. Would make a nice Christmas gift!
    From Meg A Roo’s I think their soft soled shoes are adorable. I really like the pumpkin “boo” designs.
    From Snapsac, I like the petite tote in neutral. I like they can be machine washed.
    From Mr. Natural’s, I like their blankets. I never knew that hemp fabric was naturally resistant to mold!

  9. 16

    crazyseal22@yahoo.com'Keara B. says

    I learned that they make stain resistant versions of the Unpaper Towel- I love the Yellow, grey and black ferns on black terry!

  10. 19

    mcmastersfamily@yahoo.com'Jessica McMasters says

    I LOVE The Un-Paper Towels and would LOVE to win!  Our family goes through so many paper towels so I would love to get these and save some $$$!!!  Who wouldn’t LOVE re-usuable paper towels!!

    I love the wetbags from Meg A Roo’s Designs!  They would be awesome for keeping The Un-Paper Towels until wash :)

    I love love love the Mega Tote:  Pop by SnapSac I actually just ruined my carry all bag and would LOVE one of these!  


  11. 21

    Ace5123@yahoo.com'Carleen says

    I like the petite tote in neutral from snapsac.
    The fitted diapers from Meg a Roos are adorable, the sherbet stripes one especially.
    I love the B&W geometric shape unpaper towels.

  12. 23

    adoruhbul@sbcglobal.net' says

    The Unpapertowel-  Loving the Flannel Unpapertowel.  I know it isn’t under the suggested uses, but I’ve been struggling with finding good looking burp cloths.  Most are just plain colored ugly cloth diapers.  I definitely will be putting this on my baby wishlist, I think they would work as awesome burp cloths and very fashionable.

    Meg A Roo’s Designs- The boxer style trainers are awesome, and honestly, most of the stuff on the website is actually very fair priced.  Lots of stuff now-a-days is extremely over-priced.  Being able to support smaller businesses and getting things hand made is really crucial to the economy, while I will not be cloth diapering, there were quite a few things I’d consider buying.  I usually go to Etsy for these kinds of items, but will keep Meg in mind for sure!

    SnapSac- Ok this one is gonna be harder, I actually really like  a lot of things!  I guess for now I’d have to name the thing I’d find most helpful and the thing I’d most consider buying and that would be Super Tote in Pop.  I can’t get over how affordable these are!  I actually see myself buying one of these in the near future when I make it to 20 weeks.  I feel like it would be great as a second diaper bag.  For short trips, the lighter bag would be really useful!

  13. 24

    lily25210507@gmail.com'Laura B says

    My favorite item from The Unpapertowel is the black terry cloth. My favorite item from Megaroo’s Designs is the Purple Flowers Stretch-a-Roo Combo Pack.
    My favorite item from SnapSac is the MegaTote: Pop.

  14. 25

    juditupp@yahoo.com'judi says

    My favorite unpaper towel is the B&W quilt.
    I really like the morning dew stretcharoo set. I wish the website explained what they’re made of. How do they keep the food fresh?
    On the snapsac site I like the cool tote. I like that it is squared at the bottom. Most of the insulated bags for groceries are small at the bottom and don’t work as well so we end up putting our full size cooler in the van. Very inconvenient!

    • 26


      Sorry it took me so long to answer you! :-) She makes them I believe with cotton and PUL. The PUL (as illustrated via cloth diapers) traps moisture. The edges have elastic. So it traps in moisture/freshness because of the PUL and the elastic holds it on tight. :-)

  15. 27

    juditupp@yahoo.com'judi says

    Our coffee makers don’t take filters but the tea bags at Mr. Naturals would be nice for the loose teas my husband gets from the Asian market. I love the napkins! We use cloth napkins that I’ve gotten from yard sales over the years. I have no idea what fibers any of them are made from but hemp would be so nice!

  16. 28

    krystalglick@gmail.com'Krystal says

    I like the:
    -B&W Swirls at theunpapertowel.
    -Retro Daisy–Hanging Wetbag and Kitchen Cloth at Megaroos.
    -MegaTote: Pop at SnapSac.
    -Size #6 -Large Coffee Filter at Mr Natural’s.

  17. 29

    rierie11booger@yahoo.com'elven johnson says

    B&W swirls 
    Bright Dots–Hanging Wetbag and Kitchen Cloth
    MegaTote: Pop
    Blanket – Mr. Natural’s™ 100% hemp blankets 

  18. 30

    petrellinyc-blog@yahoo.com' says

    unpapaer towels – deep colored
    meg a roo – boy grab and go wipes set
    snapsak – supertote pop
    mr naturals – 100% hemp blanket

  19. 31

    goldengirl7763@hotmail.com'lisa phillips(Golden Storm) says

    The Unpaper Towel i like B&W Leaves
    Meg-a-Roo’s Designs i like 6 pack of LWI Dyed Unpaper Towels–Pumpkin
    SnapSac i like Petite Tote: Pop
    Mr. Natural’s i like Mr. Natural’s™ 100% hemp blanket

  20. 32

    lrbroach1973@gmail.com' says

    I love the unpaper towels, especially the black and white swirl pattern! and Megaroo’s kitchen wetbag is ingenious. I love that it comes with the cloths.  I learned that snap sacs are sold in stores, but not in SC where I live.  I would love to have some of Mr. natural’s hemp re-usable coffee filters. 

  21. 34

    aandalesage@yahoo.com'Andrew L. says

    From The UnpaperTowel I like the Organic Green with Flowers and Napkins.

    From Meg A Roo’s I like the Jolly Roger Newborn Fitted Diaper.

    From SnapSac I like the Cool Tote: Pop.

    From Mr. Natural’s I like the Medium Filters.

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