{Guest Post} Is Yoga for Kids a Good Idea?

Today's post is about yoga and kids. It was written by a talented writer from Nanny.net, a great website where you can apply to be a nanny or find a nanny.
Is Yoga for Kids a Good Idea?
You may be hearing a lot about yoga for kids lately, but have your doubts. Is this really a good idea? Is it beneficial to them? If you attend a yoga studio yourself, then there is a good chance that they offer a child’s class, but is it really worth the money? Sessions are expensive enough for you as it is. Well, it is a good idea and quite beneficial, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on it, especially if you find a nanny who loves yoga too.
Reports suggest that yoga can offer several benefits for any child who practices it. It is also said that those with mental or physical disabilities can benefit as well.
  • Improved Flexibility and Balance – A child that is more balanced and flexible is less prone to injury. Accidental falls in children are prevalent, but if their body is properly conditioned, they may be able to prevent the fall or at least not suffer such severe breaks, sprains and strains if their muscles are strong.
  • Reduce and Prevent Obesity – Childhood obesity is a growing concern. With this comes an even bigger concern for diabetes, cancer and other health problems. Some assume that yoga is just a lot of stretching, but it tones muscles, and muscle burns more calories than fat, even while sleeping. Not to mention, yoga has a way of making you more aware of what you put in and on your body. You can’t help but want to make healthful choices when you’re done.
  • Boosts Confidence – Kids that participate in sports or exercise are typically more confident. Yoga helps them to be more poised so they are better able to believe in themselves. This shines through to others.
  • Improved Concentration – One of the greatest benefits of yoga in both children and adults is that it improves concentration, which will definitely be beneficial for their grades. As your child gets used to postures or asana, their concentration naturally improves as they focus on holding their pose. This also means that they won’t be so easily distracted, so it can actually help children with ADHD.
  • Better Sleep Quality – Doing light yoga before bedtime will help them sleep better. When their mind is relaxed, they can reach a deep sleep which allows them to wake up feeling refreshed.
What Happens During a Class?
  • Warm Up – A warm up is very important to yoga. This helps the body get prepared to stretch, and it helps to quiet the mind from all the excitement of the day.
  • Breathing – Focused breathing is at the core of every yoga session. Breathing in and out deeply lets them focus on breath coming deep from within.
  • Postures – There are a multitude of yoga postures that invoke balancing, bending, stretching, and twisting–each one offering its own great benefits.
  • Relaxation – At the end of a session, children will typically lie on their back on a mat to relax and focus on their breathing for a few minutes. Sometimes instructors encourage visualization by describing something.
Yoga is beneficial for every child. If you have it in your budget to enroll them in classes somewhere, this is great. This allows them to improve their social skills by interacting with other classmates and they will reap all the great benefits mentioned above at home as well.
There are countless yoga DVDs available, and you can find classes on ExerciseTV and even on video games. If you hire a nanny who loves yoga, they can join in, or at least help them with the poses. If you happen to be home, you can participate too!
Article provided by nanny.net.  Find the perfect nanny to help keep your kids safe and physically fit.
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  1. you can find cheap yoga classes for adults/kids at local recreation centers. if you google it too, you can find places that do donations only so you can end up paying 5-10 dollars per yoga class. 

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