Seeking Bloggers to Join Us for the #TabletTime: Nexus 10/$399 Cash Edition Giveaway

It’s time to get ready for the next Tablet Time! In the past, we have given away an iPad2, 2 Kindle Fires, a NOOK Tablet, a LeapPad Explorer Bundle, and a New iPad. Now I am teaming up with Grandma’s Secrets to Savings and Life With 2 Boys to gather together bloggers to give away the new Nexus10 just in time to ring in the new year!
What are the benefits of sponsoring a Tablet Time giveaway? They include:
  • Rewarding your readers with a super-awesome giveaway.
  • Increasing your following by leaps and bounds (the average reported by previous participants is 500 new followers per social media method; some reported as many as 1,000!).
  • Catching the eye of search engines when people search things like “Nexus,” “Nexus10,”  “Nexus giveaway,” “tablet giveaway,” or “Tablet Time giveaway.”
  • Entering for a chance to be a host for the next Tablet Time (no fees resulting in three free follow links; must be part of the Tablet Time/Measuring Flower Facebook group to enter to be a host for future Tablet Time giveaways).
The New Nexus10
OR $399 via PayPal (Winner’s Choice)
begins January 14, 2013 at 12:01 AM EST
ends January 28, 2013, at 11:59 PM EST
  • The giveaway will be held in a post on EVERY participating blogger’s blog! Note: Ning and similar networks/communities are welcome to participate too!
  • The heart of the giveaway is to reward our amazing readers, but it is also to help boost our following.
The Rules
{**revised since last Tablet Time**}
  1. Have a family-friendly blog (Ning and certain similar networks/communities welcome also as long as they have a place to publish the giveaway post with the Rafflecopter form).
  2. Remit the participation/sponsorship fee via PayPal (payment details in the sign up form). Fees are as follows: $6 for 1 link; $10 for 2 links; $14 for 3 links. All follow links must abide by laws and by the social network’s rules. **NEW** Bloggers who write a post seeking participating bloggers will receive $1 off their participation fee!
  3. Submit the follow links of your choice (a follow link is the direct link to your Twitter profile, Facebook fan page, Pinterest link, etc.; lines to submit are in the application form).
  4. OPTIONAL. Join the Tablet Time Facebook group (link is in the sign-up form; only those who sign up can join the group).
  5. Write a giveaway post about the giveaway and include the Rafflecopter form for others to enter (participants will receive this code at a later date). This post MUST include one of event banners/buttons.
  6. Schedule said post (item #5) to publish on January 14, 2013, at 12:01 AM EST and inform your readers that the deadline to enter is January 28, 2013, at 11:59 PM EST , is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only, and entrants must be 18 years or older. You will receive reminders and details via the Facebook group and email as the event draws nigh.
  7. OPTIONAL: Display the event’s button or banner on your sidebar or above the fold on your blog.
Sign Up for Tablet Time
Sign up ASAP to claim your spot!
Note: If, instead of the form appearing (when you click “Sign Up Here”), a screen pops up saying “The form ‘Blogger Sign-Up for Tablet Time New iPad Giveaway’ is no longer accepting responses,” then we’ve filled up. Until then, enter away!
A couple of notes:
  • As a participating blogger, you will NOT be allowed to enter the giveaway (conflict of interest–sorry!). But you will be able to take full advantage of all the readers it pleases and the numbers it boosts and have a chance to be one of the next Tablet Time hosts (must be part of the TT Facebook group to enter to be a host)!
  • Please DO blog and share with your “likers”, followers, and those you network with about this event! The more who know, the more traffic!
  • If you would like to receive weekly updates with a weekly Bonus Entry Code, news, events (including future Tablet Time giveaways), and opportunities for bloggers, sign up for my FREE weekly newsletter The Leaflet!
Even if you are not participating in this event, feel free to grab one of the buttons to share with your readers–we can use all the buzz we can get! Thanks!
Click HERE to access all the Tablet Time {Nexus10/$399 Cash} Giveaway buttons.



  1. says

    Hi just wondering why we have to pay to sign up? I mean we are doing the work, posting, sharing the giveaways with our readers doing cross promotion for the host of the giveaway. Why can’t our links be free? I’m trying hard to understand why we should pay for something when other bloggers do cross giveaways for free? Your input is appreciated. Sincerely, I mean that…

    Thanks a bunch

    • says

      Hi Jodi. :-) Let me explain it by telling about how these giveaways work. There are 3 different ways that they happen:
      1) Business sponsored. These are the ones that are “free”. A business will sponsor the giveaway, but allow bloggers to join so that their business name is spread more widely. Bloggers freely donate a post because they are receiving a follow or two. This is actually sneaky, though. Instead of paying say 50 bloggers around $30 each to write a post that has an entry form with their follow links in it or a direct link to their business, they instead only have to pay the $300-500 or so for a tablet that bloggers will advertise freely in exchange for adding their follow link(s). Also, these businesses will often hire a lead blogger (or get one to do it for free) to run the event for them.
      2) Blogger sponsored. Most Tablet Times are run this way. A bunch of bloggers unite and donate money to pay for part of the tablet in exchange for their follow methods added. Everyone posts the giveaway because this presents it to more potential entrants. Everyone works together–all for one and one for all. Power in numbers.
      3) Blended. Some Tablet Times have been like this. This is where a business will donate a large chunk of the money to pay for the tablet in exchange for premium follows. The remaining amount is paid by bloggers. So the traffic reached is in the middle (more than a business sponsored, but less than a blogger sponsored).

      Tablet Time was one of the very first ever events to give away a tablet. Back when I began it (about 1-1/2 years ago), bloggers were less valued and few businesses pitched in with bloggers for giveaways of this nature. As a result, the blogger sponsored giveaway (like Tablet Time) arose. Today, the blogger’s value is finally being recognized by many wise businesses, which is why there are “free” tablet giveaways (which, in all due reality, save the business money over purchasing sponsored posts).

      So, what I’m doing is just one of the methods of running the giveaway. I am working towards getting a business sponsor to join us (which may or may not happen, I’ll spend time as I have it pitching in between changing diapers, lol). This would make it blended. Which is beneficial for the sponsor because they’re paying next to nothing to get their brand out on many blogs. Plus, it will mean fewer bloggers have to pitch in, making it more appealing to entrants (less people to follow). But, without a business sponsor, it’s still awesome (even better in many ways). It’ll mean there are quite a few more blogs who are posting about it, presenting it before more potential entrants.

      So, in both cases (the “free” and the paid), you are losing money (or potential money). Team up with the big business and donate a post, you’re losing the $30 you ordinarily would have earned for writing a sponsored post. Join a giveaway like Tablet Time, you’re losing max $14. In either case, it is a business investment to help you blog grow.

      And I could go on. There are pros and cons to each. In my personal experience, I have gleaned more from a blogger-sponsored giveaway like Tablet Time than from a business sponsored one (the biggest TT I gleaned from got me personally 1,000 Facebook likes; the best I’ve received from a business-sponsored giveaway I is 500).

      Hope this answers your questions. Have a great day, Jodi. <3

  2. says

    Just letting you know I entered but the payment will come from gemstar dezigns via paypal…my business acct for Parga’s Junkyard’s blog …. let me know if you have any questions @ pargasjunkyard at q dot com

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