Don’t Be a Perfectionist When You Tweet

So, I am HOSTING a Twitter party tonight. But I have a bit of an issue. My tweets have been filtered. In other words, they won’t show in searches (see what I mean HERE). After a bit of research, and after receiving help from @JazzyChad from TweetGrid, I figured out my issue.

Apparently, being OCD (i.e. a perfectionist) when tweeting is NOT a good thing. What I would do is tweet. Then I’d notice a typo in my tweet, so I’d copy the tweet, delete the old one, paste the new tweet with corrections, and post it again. This is considered a duplicate tweet, which is a violation of Twitter rules. I had no clue!

The result? My tweets don’t show. I submitted a support ticket and have tweeted @Support. No response yet. And I’m told it can take DAYS or WEEKS to get the issue resolved. Sigh.

But the party must go on! My tweets will show up on Twubs. So if you’re joining us tonight for the Lilla Rose by Sarah Ives 12 Deals of Christmas Twitter Party tonight, Twubs is the place to go to join in!

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      I think so. From what I understand, you’d have to reword it completely. So instead of saving “Giveaway for such and such” (which is ok in the first tweet), you’d have to say something like “Check out this sweepstakes we’re hosting!” or something totally different.

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