The Great Hospital Bag Giveaway: Win Over $800 in Prizes for Mom and Baby {And a Few for Dad, Too}! {CLOSED}


I am happy (and super excited!) to welcome you to the totally awesome Great Hospital Bag Giveaway! I have gathered together a bunch of amazing sponsors to award ONE fortunate expecting mommy a HUGE giveaway package that features many of the items  (necessities and fun things) that she can pack in her hospital bag when she’s off to give birth. The total approximate retail value of these prizes reaches OVER an incredible $800!

A little note: This prize pack does include a few green items (like cloth diapers), but even if you’re not “green,” don’t let that discourage you from entering! You can use these green items for something other than their intended use (the cloth wipes, for example, are awesome for wiping off baby faces) or give them away to someone who is green!

The Prizes


Prize: Medela Swing Pump
Sponsor: Medela
Approximate Retail Value: $170


Prize: Boppy Travel Pillow
Sponsor: Boppy
Approximate Retail Value: $45


Prize: 2 Muslin Swaddling Blankets
Sponsor: Aura Weavers
Approximate Retail Value: $30


Prize: Hospital Gown and Labor Socks
Sponsor: Baby Be Mine Maternity
Approximate Retail Value: $45


Prize: Bamboobies Store Credit
Sponsor: Bamboobies
Approximate Retail Value: $30


Prize: 3 GroVia Newborn Cloth Diapers
Sponsor: Diaper Junction
Approximate Retail Value: $45

bummasPrize: 10 Cloth Wipes
Sponsor: Bummas
Approximate Retail Value: $15


Prize: 2 Cloth Menstrual Pads
Sponsor: Go With the Flo
Approximate Retail Value: $29


Prize: Itzbeen Pocket Nanny
Sponsor: Itzbeen
Approximate Retail Value: $25


Prize: Lilla Rose Flexi
Sponsor: Lilla Rose by Sarah Ives
Approximate Retail Value: $16


Prize: Woombie Swaddler
Sponsor: Woombie
Approximate Retail Value: $27


Prize: Lip Balm 6 Pack
Sponsor: ChopSaver
Approximate Retail Value: $25


Prize: Milk-Saver
Sponsor: My Milkies
Approximate Retail Value: $28


Prize: Momzelle “I Make Milk” Nursing Shirt
Sponsor: Momzelle
Approximate Retail Value: $25


Prize: 3 Pump-a-Pair Sets
Sponsor: Pump-a-Pair
Approximate Retail Value: $32


Prize: 12 That’s It. Fruit Bars
Sponsor: That’s It. Fruit
Approximate Retail Value: $22


Prize: Undercover Mama Nursing Undershirt
Sponsor: Undercover Mama
Approximate Retail Value: $25


Prize: Bravado Original Nursing Bra
Sponsor: Bravado Designs
Approximate Retail Value: $35


Prize: NuviaCafe Box (30 Sachets) {For Dad Only!}
Sponsor: NuviaCafe
Approximate Retail Value: $30

babeecoveePrize: Babee Covee Original
Sponsor: Babee Covee
Approximate Retail Value: $40

pushpackPrize: Push Pack
Sponsor: Small-Batch Studio
Approximate Retail Value: $65

Total Approximate Retail Value=$805!

The Giveaway

This giveaway is being run using a handy-dandy Rafflecopter form. To use the form, log in using your Facebook account (make sure your primary Facebook email is one I can reach you with if you win) or your name and email. You can read more information about logging into the Rafflecopter form HERE. Your information will be kept completely confidential and safe.

Giveaway Rules
  • None of my giveaway entries are mandatory, so you may do as many or as few as you’d like.
  • Each entry must be accomplished exactly as it is stated, including providing anything in the “Extra Info” field, for it to count.
  • You can perform each entry type ONE TIME ONLY unless otherwise specified.
  • If there is a “leave a comment” entry type, be sure the name you type in the comment’s name field is EXACTLY the same as the name you use in the form (this is so I can verify your comment).
  • Make sure to leave a VALID email address in the Rafflecopter’s email field so I can contact you if you win (or ensure your Facebook account’s primary email address is one I can contact you by).
  • If you already follow/like me or the company via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc., that’s okay–the entries still count.
The Deadline

Giveaway Ends
Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST
Open to U.S. and Canadian Residents Only

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  1. Ada Miller says

    I love the pocket nanny! Thanks for the giveaway! This would be a great package for a expecting dear friend.

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

    ps. I couldnt get the RC form to load on your site so hope I’m leave the comment where I’m suppose to. Im entering on the RC site,but of course no comment section there…just a little worried as of now I’m not seeing other comments for this giveaway. Please let me know If I’m to comment elsewhere. Thanks!

  2. Nicole M. says

    The Milk-Savers are what I am most interested in since I have been known to over-produce causing the need to change out breast pads every hour.

  3. Jamie Knupp says

    Oh wow I don’t know what I like most – the Madela pump or the swaddling blankets… everything is amazing, and all what I would love to have in my hospital bag when I have my baby in May. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  4. Ashley Leonard says

    I am most excited about the pump! I had a hard time breastfeeding last go-round, I am determined this time!

  5. Jenn McClearn says

    I would be excited to win any of these but I am most excited about the woombie , both of my boys loved to be swaddled as infants so I’m sire baby #3 is going to be the same way :)

  6. Amanda says

    The best tip I could give an expecting mom is to try to laugh as much as you can. It’s the only thing that kept me sane is finding humor. Oh and buy an Arm’s Reach co-sleeper or mini co-sleeper. We used the mini for so many different things for well into the first year. It is one of those must-haves in my opinion. :)

  7. nicole gervais says

    I cant pick what item im most excited about! lol i want all of them! What a great giveaway thanks a bunch for the chance to win this :)

  8. Bailey says

    Oh also, I am loving the Woombie Swaddler, i have never seen one like that before. I would be MOST excited to get the breast pump though, i have been researching like crazy for the best one and Medela always seems to be the top choice!

    Thanks again!

  9. Rosanna R. says

    I’m the most excited about the breast pump! I’ve survived three newborns without one – but there was times with all three of mine that I wished I had one!

  10. aimee p. says

    I am most excited about the newborn Grovia 3 pack diapers. My tip for expecting moms would be one I have to keep reminding myself of…patience. Your baby will come when it is good and ready and don’t let the comments of “what, no baby yet” get to you.

  11. jan d. says

    I am most excited about the boppy travel pillow. As for a tip for expecting moms, I would say don’t forget to pamper yourself…you deserve it.

  12. Alessandra Perkins Peterson says

    There are so many awesome prizes I’m not sure what I’m most excited about! The Medela Pump, Grovia NB diapers, and mama cloth are definitely the ones I’m most excited about!

  13. rachel may says

    holy smokes this is awesome! due tobirth issues i exclusively pump…so i love all of the breastfeeding related items! the cover would be so nice, the swing would be pretty convenient! oh and we are cloth diapering fools soooo would love it!

  14. Trisha W. says

    I love Grovia and I have a couple Undercover Mama camis too. They are great even when no longer nursing. My tip is to try and find a few moments to relax and realize you don’t have to be Supermom. When in labor, work hard on using relaxation techniques. Even if you don’t plan to go all natural, the longer you can put off an epidural, the better off you and the baby will be post-delivery.

  15. Heather carter says

    I am most excited about the grovia diapers, and the bamboobies, and the milkies.. ahhh I cant pick just one thing 😛

  16. Becky VanGinkel says

    I am most excited about the Push Pack and the Bravado Nursing Bra! They are all wonderful prizes.. thank you for hosting such a great giveaway:) I am due March 5th and would love to win this awesome prize pack!

  17. Chelesa sims says

    Most excited about the plush pack. Newborns wake up every 3 to 4 hours so give yourself a break and try to sleep when they sleep.

  18. Keara B. says

    I’m most excited about the Grovia diapers or the breast pump- I’d really love to have those for my next little one! My tip for expecting moms? Be prepared to not always have things go as planned!

  19. Kasee Johnson says

    The Push Pack is my favorite item. My BFF’s daughter is having her first and I would love to give this prize to her.

  20. Carrie M says

    Tip for pregnant ladies: Accept help in the those early newborn days. Don’t feel obligated to host inlaws if they aren’t 100% helpful. Google the Lemon Clot Essay.

  21. courtney hennagir says

    i am super excited about the babee covee! also the bravado nursing bra,but seriously this is an amazing prize pack!

  22. Kimberly Pugliese says

    I am so excited for many of these prizes! I am a mother (currently pregnant again!) who exclusively only breastfeeds and all the prizes are geared right for me! The pump would be my favorite prize if I had to pick one! My tip for new mommies: take care of your boobies and don’t give up if nursing doesn’t work on the first try!

  23. says

    All of it! Really, there are tons on there I want, the diapers, hospital gown (regular hospital gowns are awful!), breast pump, etc. Love it all!

  24. Bekah Kuczenski says

    I just found out I was pregnant so I am excited about EVERYTHING!!! I would use and love this whole prize pack. But, I am most excited about the Medela Swing Pump :)

  25. beverly akers says

    This is a much needed gift for my daughter. she is 20 weeks pregnant and he husband is due to return to Afghanistan right after the baby is born. They have no money and she can’t find a part time job to work around her son’s pre-school hours and things are only going to get tighter when baby Kaden gets here. If anyone is worthy of this gift, it should go to an Army wife.

  26. Kelly says

    I am super excited to win each and every item but extra excited to win the Babee Covee!!! It has so many uses and all I can use and all the time!!!!

  27. Kendra says

    It is all very exciting, but I would have to say the pump and the woombie are the things I’m most excited about.

  28. laura c. says

    I would be most excited about the medela pump. As far as tips, just follow your instincts. You know what’s best for you and your baby.

  29. Amanda Banta says

    The Woombie is the best sleepsack, My first son slept like a dream in it when he was a newborn and I’m looking forward to using it again on my second child this spring.

  30. jencote says

    I would love to get the Grovia diapers or the Bummas wipes for my daughter who is expecting in May.
    For new mother, enjoy support from friends and family to cherish the few minutes to your self.
    if you are staying home with your child, look for activities to get both of you out of the house. You might find activities in unlikely places like the local library (Baby Storytime).

  31. hayley s says

    I am excited about all of it!! It is all stuff I need as a FTM by April!! I would say I am most excited about the newborn cloth diapers though! :)

  32. Sarah cooper says

    I’m really exited for all but mostly the bamboobies! My sister in law uses them and she loves them :) I got her some for her baby shower and I would like to try them for myself.

  33. Stephani says

    I would be most excited to win the Push Pack for before the baby and the Babee Covee for after the baby is born! Every single prize in this give away looks awesome though, thanks for putting it all together!!!

  34. Kim J says

    I’ve always wanted the Milkies Milk Savers! I learned about them AFTER I quit producing for my daughter and know I will need them for my upcoming new addition!

  35. Lindsay Hamilton says

    OMG… I really don’t think I could pick just one thing! The collection of prizes is truly amazing and touches upon so many needs and wants. Maybe the diapers because I want to CD and see what brands work best for my little Parasita due in March.

  36. Lisa Hajacos Robertson says

    I am definitely most excited about the chance to win the Medela Swing Pump <3
    My tip to new mommies: when family & friends offer to help…let them! Let them cook meals, do laundry, tend to older children, etc while you REST and bond with your new precious blessing <3

  37. Shley says

    What a wonderful bundle!! I’m expecting in May and nearly all of these items have been suggested as necessities by fellow moms!

  38. Danielle says

    With so many great items, it’s hard to pick a #1, but I guess I’d say the most exciting item is the set of swaddling blankets.

  39. Katie D says

    I’m excited about the Milkies. These will be handy for me when I return to work. I’m in the Army and hoping to be able to pump when I need to and breastfeed my son at lunch when I return to work. I know the Milkies will definitely come in handy for me.

  40. Cheyenne says

    The advice I most often give to expecting mom’s is this. Try to keep an open mind about delivery. Sometimes no matter how much you plan…things happen that make it impossible to stick to that plan. In the end the birth is just a small fraction of you and your child’s life and it’s not worth holding onto that resentment of what you wanted to have happen.

  41. Jessica C says

    I’m most excited to hold and look into my babies eyes ! I’m a second time mom and it’s just an anazimg feeling ! This time around I’ll try not to stress to much :)

  42. Mandi Pitts says

    I am SUPER excited about the bamboobies and the babee covee. I have never seen that covee before! So neat!!
    I wish I kne

  43. Mandi Pitts says

    Oops! Let me finish the second part lol

    I wish I knew tips for expecting moms! I’m expecting my first and it’s TWINS!! Yikes..

    Praying I win this giveaway, its much needed..

  44. Stacey R says

    I am most excited about the Bravado Original Nursing Bra!! Bravado is great!! My best tip for new moms is to sleep when the baby is sleeping!

  45. Katy M says

    My brother and sister-in-law are expecting and I would SO love to be able to give them this pack! I especially think the Woombie Swaddler looks awesome!

    I don’t have any kids so I don’t have any advice except to LOVE your baby and realize how lucky you are to be having a little one!!!


  46. Sacha Schroeder says

    Oddly the that’s it fruit bars! I have wanted to try them for a while but all of the other prizes are amazing too!!!! :)

  47. becky evans says

    Bravado nursing bra is the product I am most excited about. A tip is to get all the sleep you can…You are going to need it.

  48. Kortney Picker says

    all of them really, but the boppy travel pillow is so cool! I love using the boppy for my daughter, but I have never seen the travel pillow before, I would love to try this!

  49. Kristi Cartwright says

    I CAN NOT possibly pick just ONE item….but the first one that REALLY caught my eye was the cloth diapers. I am a FTM due in 3 weeks and so a LOT of this will really come in handy, but currently I am in the process of building my cloth diaper stash so it would be great to win some! :)

  50. Keile says

    Wow what awesome stuff. We CD so love those and the wipes. I could use a new pump too for going back to work. Would love to try any of these products!

  51. Melinda Cook says

    I could so very much use all of this as this is our baby after having 2 boys 18 and 13 years ago. We have nothing for the new little one and could sure use this.

  52. Jennifer says

    I’m most excited about the Medela breast pump. It would be so nice to have it, especially after having to quit breastfeeding due to nipple confusion :(
    What a great give away!

  53. Carla Sudduth says

    I am a first time mom, so I need help with my hospital bag! From the medela pump to the woombie – I am ecstatic about winning them. I can’t wait to hear who wins. Hopefully, it will be me!

  54. Katie Fowler says

    I’m excited about all of the items! I particularly would love the Madela pump, the bamboobies the the menstrual pads.

  55. Alissa says

    Too many great products to just choose one! My tip for First time moms is “Babies learn to expect what they get” – if you rock or nurse them to sleep (or any other habits), they will expect it:)

  56. Amy Van Wagenen says

    The Medela pump and the hospital gown/socks look great to me (as does everything else). Great giveaway!

  57. tiffany book says

    Best contest ever… so many good prizes i love the green feel… the hospital outfit and aox look great for the stay

  58. Alisha Hodges says

    My tip for expectant moms: limit hospital visits for a few hours after the baby is born, so you can have time to bond, nurse (if you’re going to), get cleaned up, and to allow the nurses to check you and give you information. If not, everything will be hectic, and everyone will be in everyone’s way.

  59. Lacey J says

    I’m super excited about ALL of it! My goodness, amazing giveaway!!! My only tip for a new Mama would be to relax and go with her gut, and it will all be ok

  60. Crystal Merrill says

    My tip for expectant moms: Don’t be afraid of delivery! I have never really understood why other women tell such horror stories, other than to scare other women. I know some births are harder than others, but all you can truly do is prepare and worrying isn’t good for you or the baby! Truly, it is nothing you cannot handle after carrying and nurturing a baby inside of you for 40 weeks! Also, if you are not adamantly against it….get the epidural. Mine worked wonders.
    Take lots of pictures once your baby is born because the time will slip by fast!
    My best friend’s daughter is pregnant and I would love to be able to gift this to her!

  61. Lyndi Malarchuk says

    My tip for expectant moms, I have 2 actually: One, establish a routine, especially a bedtime routine, as soon as possible. Kids like to know what comes next and if they have a predictable established routine, they feel more comfortable. Two, say “Thank you” to the help that is helpful and a firm “No thank you” to the help that isn’t helpful. For instance, someone might think it’s helpful to bring you some food… “That would be lovely, thank you.” Conversely, your mother (or MIL) might think it’s helpful to reprimand your child in front of you, when you think what they’re doing is ok… “NO THANK YOU!” : )

  62. lisa mcfarland says

    hope to win this for my niece who is expecting her first child – and I am sure she would be happy with any of it

  63. CarolynH says

    I think this is a wonderful package! I recommend having pads to tuck in the nursing bra to prevent milk leakage through your nursing bra & top. Agree w/ Alicia Hodges, but I would have 1 close advocate stay nearby in the building just in case of a need to ask for the things you wouldn’t ask the staff for. I had drastic health change news after all my visitors left & was all alone in my room.

  64. Teresa Scarborough says

    I would love to win all of them, I have a new grandson and my daughter in law would love each of them

  65. says

    My tips for New Moms would be to relax and enjoy time with Baby and Daddy! Babies don’t come with a handbook but you’re not going to mess up. Hold them, swaddle them, keep them clean and fed, but, most of all, give them all the LOVE you have! Don’t feel bad if you need a little help or advice. Take advantage of what others have already been through.

  66. Tamara Younger says

    This looks like an awesome giveaway! I am due in April and would be overly shocked to win. I am more excited to win teh cloth diapers, this is my second child and I am totally in love with cloth diapers this time around!

  67. Shakeeta W says

    It’s all so awesome but I’m most excited about the Medela pump and the Bravado pump :) Also, my tip to expectant moms is to make sure your baby nurses at least once during “The Magic Hour”-the first hour after birth while your baby is most alert and ready to nurse :)

  68. jennifer bowen says

    for me i say i love to try and win this for the go with the flo pads and lip bulm but with every thing else well i could give to my oldest kid for my grand baby .

  69. Christina says

    I would be most excited about the baby swaddler and fruit bars! I am a first-time mom due in 8 weeks and CAN’T wait to meet Little Girl. 😀

  70. Erin Sting says

    I would be most excited about the cloth menstrual pads and the GroVia cloth diapers! oh and the milk savers and pump! I love it all!!

  71. Paula Wild says

    I’m very excited about the diapers actually. They are such a HUGE cost thing in my house since I am on my third baby and my oldest is not quite potty trained yet.

  72. olivia vidal says

    I’m interested in everything here!!! I’ve really been wanting to try bamboobies and the undercover mama!!

  73. Bernadette N says

    I’m most excited about the nursing clothes! I’m expecting my fourth in May and could use some new nursing bras and tanks.

  74. Jennifer Ince says

    I love all the giveaway items so I’ll just impart my wisdom on expecting moms. You, and only you ( or significant other) know what is best for your child. Follow your instincts, they will let you know if something is just not right. Listen to your gut, parenting is very instinctual. Hard, hard, hard work, but instinctual.

  75. Brittany Rogers says

    I’m most excited about the push pack, the swaddlers, the breast pump, and the cloth menstrual pads. Being due April 15th, I’m still panicking about whether or not I’ll be prepared for when my little girl’s ready to come.

  76. samyra says

    My tip is try to have family and friends whom’s cooking you love make you as many frozen meals as possible! And put restaurant gift card on your registry you will feel so blessed postpartum for these special gifts

  77. Mindy says

    I am most excited about the pump. I tried nursing with our first LO without a pump, I think having a pump with make it so much more easier this time around.

  78. Jen Leach says

    I love the grovia diapers! I don’t have any in my stash, but have wanted to try them. What an amazing proze package! I love my Undercover Mama shirt for nursing. One of my favorite post baby things ever!

  79. Priscilla Benavides says

    I am excited about the Boppy Travel Pillow and the Babee Covee!
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  80. Amanda M. says

    I can’t just pick one prize. They all look great and I would love to use all of them. A tip to expecting moms would be to not be afraid to ask for help and to relax and enjoy your baby!

  81. Dakota Harris says

    This is an amazing thing to do! I’m most excited about the boppy. The previous boppy I had with my 2 girls saved my back and arms.

  82. Amy says

    Thanks for the opportunity! I would love to win the tanks and nursing bras. Those are things I hate spending money on, but use all the time.

  83. Courtney Haworth says

    I am most excited about the push pack or the swaddlers. Due in July with my first and would ADORE enjoying all these products!

  84. Tabitha Ellis says

    I am really excited about everything in this awesome package! But I am especially excited/curious about the Babee Covee, I have never heard of something like that and will be looking into it more for sure!

  85. Elece Johnson says

    It’s reaaaalllly hard to decide what I’m most excited about. This is an amazing assortment for an expecting family. I’m quite fond of the IWoombie Swaddler and teh travel pillow. This would be amazing for when I go to the hospital!

  86. stacey s says

    The milkees look interesting , but I’m excited about the Baby Be Mine Maternity Hospital Gown and Labor Socks!

  87. Terri Herman says

    If new moms want to breast feed, be patient with yourself and your baby. Find lots of support and inform yourself beforehand by talking to other nursing moms, professionals and reading everything you can. It may be natural but it sometimes doesn’t come naturally at first. But it is so worth it!

  88. Christine Waddell says

    WOW!!! Great giveaway! Both of my daughters are pregnant. One breast feeds and one doesn’t so they would have to split the prize up but there is plenty of cool things for all!

  89. says

    For new mamas – it’s okay to do it “wrong.” Your baby is learning and so are you. Let go of all the advice, all the books, all the “should’s” and all the “have to’s.” Allow yourself to grow into the mama you want to be.
    -From the proud mama of one wholly joyful little 15 month old Pookie

  90. says

    I am excited about the Lilla Rose flexi…
    Sense it is a hospital bag giveaway my tip is to put toilet paper in your bag… Hospital paper is scratchy and hard… My husband thought I was crazy but he was real fast to use it. LOL… Also, just because people give you advise does not mean you have to do it… I am now nice to them and thank them but if I do not want to do it I don’t. :-)

  91. Alisha says

    im loving the idea of the milk saver! i am a mother of 4 and expecting another blessing, i think this is a wounderful way to be sure no milk is wated in a pad. AMAZING!!

  92. Michelle says

    A tip for expecting mamas – EVERYONE will have lots of advice for you! Be confident in your decisions and know that ultimately, YOU know what’s best for you and your babe!

  93. Tabetha G says

    I am most excited about the Momma cloth. I have really wanted to try these, but have not had the chance to buy them yet.

  94. shelly says

    Best advice I can give to a new mom is to relax and enjoy every minute with you children. They grow up very fast.

  95. Emily Cipriani says

    The breast pump!! I am due with my first baby in April and cannot afford an electric breastpump… and I’d really like to be successful at breastfeeding! Also the milksavers :) neat

  96. Amber says

    I’m probably the most excited about the cloth diapers and wipes, but I’m really excited about everything… What a fabulous giveaway!!! My sweet baby girl is due to arrive 2/23/13 & I would absolutely LOVE to win this. Thanks!!!

  97. says

    I’m most excited about the fruit bars and Nuvia Cafe coffee because this would be a gift for an expecting friend, and maybe I could have a bar or two. 😉

  98. charmaine bensley says

    keep a journal and write in it everyday about your baby-even if its just a sentence! You will be glad that you have a written record of your baby’s accomplishments.

  99. Jennifer says

    The Medela pump! I used a manual/hand pump for my first baby, because we couldn’t afford anything more. This is such an amazing giveaway!!!

  100. Brittany Holland says

    I’m excited about it all, my sister is expecting to go into labor any day now and the other sister is due in May.

  101. ANGEL JACKLYN says


  102. Samantha Wheeler says

    It’s so hard to pick one thing, this whole giveaway is exciting! If I had to pick one thing it would be the pump and the milk savers those are awesome!

  103. Brittany says

    I love the nursing top! My tip would be to follow your instincts when taking care of baby and to nurse your baby if you are able to.

  104. cassandra mccann says

    my advice is to sleep when the baby does and remember that everyone has done it at least one time so do not fell ashamed to ask for help.

  105. S. Schofield says

    THANK YOU, you made me remember that I definitely need to pack some chapstick! I did not last time and had to use petroleum jelly. Not as wonderful as my favorite mint chapstick for sure :-)

  106. Rebecca says

    The best tip for new moms I have (and was my favorite advice I received) stop listening to everyone’s advice and do what u think is right and what u need to do for not only your child, but yourself too!

  107. says

    This is an amazing giveaway! I’m “starting over”, as my daughter will be 10 years old before this baby gets here. I can use all of these items! :)

  108. Heather R. says

    Everything is AWESOME!!! I’m most excited about the breast pump, the pocket nanny, and the grovia newborn diapers!!

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