Jooners Online Sign-up Sheet Tool Review and Giveaway {2 Winners!} {CLOSED}

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free as a thank you for writing this post. Regardless, all opinions expressed are completely my own.


Jooners is “the easiest way to create sign-up sheets online.” The intent of the website is to make managing and coordinating both large and small gatherings (such as family, community, school, sports, seasonal, or any other) easier and more orderly utilizing an online signup sheet. The list of uses for this website is long. It can be used for potlucks, school events, church events, family reunions, parties, bringing meals or running errands for someone, gift registry, running a concessions stand, setting up for an event (and cleaning up), and much more. Check out Jooners’ example page to see more ideas.

Founded in 2008 by Nazila Alasti, the title of the website came from a nickname that Nazila and her coworkers called each other–“joon.” “Joon,” in Persian, means “dear;” thus Nazila and her coworkers would call each other by their first name then “joon” (kinda like “John dear”). As a result, the tool was dubbed “Jooners.”

Discover It

I was super excited when Jooners contacted me to review their website for them. I had been looking for an online tool just like this, but hadn’t found one. SO glad they found me!

For the purpose of this review, Jooners supplied me with a free premium account valued at $49.95. However, in spite being compensated to do this review, all the opinions are completely my own.

123To get started using Jooners, it should be as easy as 1-2-3 (or so they say). Let’s find out!

createTo get the ball rolling, I signed in then clicked on the orange “Create Sign Up Sheet” button in the upper right hand corner.

planeventorgatherinfoThis takes me to the “Set up” screen where I’m faced with a choice: “Plan An Event” or “Collect Information.” Upon hovering over each button, a bubble pops up giving a brief explanation of the option. For the sake of this tutorial, I selected “Plan An Event.” The second option is super helpful, too, as it collects data such as tee-shirt size, getting votes, or deciding on a venue.

setup2The next section was the preliminary details. I typed in the event’s name (which I creatively entitled “Church Potluck”), an example description (were this actually being used for a potluck, I’d explain in more detail how to proceed for my church family), entered the location, left my name as-is (it auto-filled as “TJ”), and entered a phony phone number. I also uploaded a cutlery image and I uploaded a document just to see what would happen to it (both the photo and the document are optional, and I believe both are premium features).

whattobringThe next screen was where the real detail went. Since I created this sign-up sheet surrounding a theoretical potluck, I tailored the “Needed” column to reflect that. Now, if this were a real potluck, I might get into more detail (like instead of “side dish,” maybe “cooked vegetables”). The tool also asked how many volunteers to ask for each item, had a drop-down menu where you can add saved contacts (I added myself to a dessert), and a notes section. The “Needed,” “Volunteer Name,” etc. headers were editable to make each column more specific. The three buttons to the right of each row gave the options to delete, add, or duplicate rows. Towards the upper-right was a gear button which, when clicked, gave the option to add section headings. At the bottom of the screen were some self-explanatory preferences and a box where you can send a reminder to everyone. There was also a link to preview the sign-up sheet thus far to make any necessary tweaks. Once everything was set up satisfactorily, I clicked on the “Publish” button.

sendAfter publishing, I was taken to the “Publish/share” page. Here, I could email the sign-up sheet to church members, share it via Facebook or Twitter, or copy the link and share it any other way (I could see using a URL shortening service like to shrink the long URL then print it out on pieces of paper or cardstock to hand to church members in person).

signupsheetHere’s the final result (only the email wouldn’t ordinarily be smudged–I did that on purpose). An easy-to-use, attractive online sign-up sheet.

signupWhen someone goes to the URL to sign up, they enter their name and email then click the “Signup” button. This enters their name and email into the list in a place where only I can check it. Then, they check which dish they’d like to bring and enter anything in the notes section (which I changed to “Specific Dish”).

tshirtsignupHere’s another sample sign-up sheet using the “Collect Information” option as opposed to the “Plan An Event” option I just illustrated.

listsAfter creating my sign-up sheets, I could access and edit them any time I’d like while signed in. They were listed under the “My Jooners” tab. On this page, I could also view “My Commitments” (what I had personally signed up for) and the “Invitations to participate” (to whom I’d sent the lists to).

Since I’m active at church, I can think of a gazillion things to use this tool for (and I probably will!). But it’s great for things beyond church, too–I’m thinking work, school, 4-H or other clubs, parties, and much more.

Overall, I LOVE this online tool. It’s so simple and so convenient. It saves paper! And ink! And it saves hunting people down to ask them to sign up for things (instead, I can just bug them repeatedly via email!). In reviewing the website, I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like. Some of the words here and there had typos or were grammatically incorrect, but that’s nitpicking because I’m grammatically OCD and others may never catch these measly errors.

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Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free as a thank you for writing this post. Regardless, all opinions expressed are completely my own.


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