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In 1999, after inheriting a few cats, Brad Baxter realized just how much he disliked scooping the litter box. Thus, utilizing his background in the automotive industry, he invented a clever, self-cleaning litter box–the Litter Robot. Cleverly designed and minimizing the waste of kitty litter, the Litter Robot revolutionized the automated pet product world.

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DSCN3475Litter Robot sent us a Litter Robot II Bubble Unit to review.

DSCN3478After plugging the Litter Robot in, we switched it on. It went through a rotation cycle then was ready to fill.

DSCN3473The Litter Robot has 3 buttons and 3 lights on the front control panel. Here’s what the buttons do:

1. Cycle. Causes the globe to rotate to clean out any clumps.
2. Fill. Causes the globe to rotate to the waste ports for filling with fresh litter.
3. Empty. Causes the globe to rotate and discharge all of the litter for litter replacement.

And here’s what the lights indicate:

1. OK/Waiting (green light). Awaiting a cat to use it.
2. Cycling/In Use (yellow light). The globe is in the process of rotating.
3. Sensor/Timing (red light). A cat has done his business and therefore the globe is waiting 7 minutes before rotating (to prevent freaking out the cat).

DSCN3477On the side are two “waste ports.” After pressing the “Fill” button, the globe rotates so these waste ports are upward. These open to easily fill the box with fresh litter.

DSCN3474When Sunset (our orange tabby) is ready to use the Litter Robot, he steps up on the step. This indicates to the machine that a cat has entered. Once he’s done doing his business and steps on the step again, this indicates that he’s done. A timer is set in the machine, the red light turns on, and once the timer has expired, the globe rotates to clean out the clumps. If perchance Sunset re-enters before the cycle starts, the timer stops and restarts once he leaves again. Also, if he happens to be super light on his feet and fails to press on the step hard enough (therefore preventing the cycle from occurring), we can press the “Cycle” button to force the cycle into action.

DSCN3476On the back of the globe is a bubble. This bubble lets light in so Sunset can see what he’s doing. I also think it helps him to feel less crowded.

Here’s a video I took of the rotation in action. I used a few of my son’s toys so you don’t have to see actual poo (don’t worry, the Litter Robot was brand new, never used, and I did thoroughly sterilize the toys afterwards before giving them back to my son).

All the poo drops into a drawer in the bottom. When it’s time to clean out, we open the drawer, remove a bag full of the poo, and toss it. Easy peasy!

The Litter Robot is simple and easy to understand and use. It does a great job cleaning up after Sunset and saves the Mister and me a ton of time (and backache) scooping the litter box. Plus, it saves us litter. This would be the perfect product for cat lovers, especially those with multiple cats (I’m still buttering up my husband to allow us to get another kitty, although the kitty will have to be at least 5 pounds to activate the Litter Robot’s cycle).

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Beige-Bubble-Front-zmYou can purchase a Litter Robot (free shipping) online at

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  1. Bohohippiemom says

    I love our litter robot! It helps sooo much when you are busy! And i am happy that i dont have to scoop anymore!

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