Period Panteez Review

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free as a thank you for writing this post. Regardless, all opinions expressed are completely my own.


After laying on scratchy towels to prevent her monthly friend from ruining her brand new sheets, Vida decided there had to be a better way to keep Aunt Flo at bay. Thus, after extensive work, Vida invented the Period Panteez and launched her business on March 31, 2012. Vida’s goal with her innovative product is to enrich the quality of lives for women of all ages–from tweens to grandmas.

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periodpanteezI received a pair of Period Panteez to review.

The Period Panteez are designed to press on the lower abdomen to prevent or soothe cramps. I found this to be one of the most useful features of the Period Panteez because I get excrutiating cramps. I also found that I could tuck a small, microwavable heated pillow inside around the waist. With the heat and the light pressure, I found a good deal of relief from my cramps. I also like that it’s transportable, I don’t have to lay in bed or lay on the couch. I’m able to walk around and go about my everyday duties, including chasing my two toddlers.

In addition to providing pressure for cramp relief, the Period Panteez tight-fitting design makes it slim and “invisible” when worn underneath jeans. They are a bit noticeable when I wear leggings, but I avoid wearing my leggings at this time anyway. The mere fact that I can wear them underneath my day-to-day jeans without worrying about anyone seeing any lines is awesome.

The Period Panteez are black, which means I don’t have to worry about dealing with stains.

The Period Panteez have extra layers of padding in the center, right where the flow happens, which prevents flow from leaking through to my clothes or my sheets.

I do wear regular panties underneath the Period Panteez panties when I wear them. This is to utilize the “wings” on my cloth pads. The snug fit of the Period Panteez helps towards keeping my cloth pads in place, which is a tremendous help since cloth pads do often tend to “slip” more than disposable pads. When using disposable pads, one could “stick” the pad directly to the Period Panteez, eliminating the necessity for having old, ugly “monthly friend” panties.

The Period Panteez also make it easier to exercise. I can do my yoga (which, by the way, I find also helps with my evil cramps!) in peace, knowing that how I’m bending or laying won’t cause any leaks onto my cute yoga pants.

To be honest, the Period Panteez are something I was looking for. I’ve always worn thick pajama shorts to bed and, often, underneath my jeans (even though they’re bulky and dorky-looking) to prevent leaks. The Period Panteez are a thousand times more comfortable and easier to use. Plus, I can wear them in public without fear of them being seen!

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periodpanteezYou can purchase PeriodPanteez online at

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Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free as a thank you for writing this post. Regardless, all opinions expressed are completely my own.


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