TJ’s Top Ten: My 10 Favorite Android Apps

TJTTThe gift my husband blessed me with for Christmas last year (actually, technically he allowed me to spend the money to buy it as my gift) was a brand new Kindle Fire. And thus far, I love the thing! I have found some of the most useful apps ever on it. And they’re not all games, either. They’re apps that make everyday life easier and/or more organized. So, here’s a list of my top 10 favorite Android apps for the Kindle Fire (listed from least favorite to top favorite).

  1. iBaby – $1.99baby
    This app isn’t as helpful to me right now, but I have it stored up for our next baby. In this app, you track how long you breastfed on each side; how long you bottle fed; how many diaper changes and whether it was poop, pee, or both; and so on. Everything that your doctor wants you to record to ensure your baby’s on track. I actually much prefer the format, colors, and what-not of the Baby ESP (another app), but it kept conflicting with other apps (like when I clicked on it, it’d open some other app); and only the trial version was available, there was no way to access the full version.
  2. Potty Baby – FREEpotty
    This is a fun, neat app that has come in handy now that we’re in full potty training mode with the Little Mister. You can set a timer which gives you notifications to remind you that it’s time to have him go potty. It also tracks when he pees or poops or has an accident. And it tracks if he’s taking a nap. It has been helping me keep track of his progress and to pinpoint where improvement is needed.
  3. n’4get Reminder Pro – $.99n4get
    This easy-to-use app helps me keep track of all kinds of mustn’t forget matters, including birthdays and anniversaries. You can enter just about any information, set a due time, and it pops up a notification in advance to let you know it’s coming up. I have no excuse to forget to send anyone happy wishes, gifts, or greeting cards for their birthday or anniversary any more!
  4. Dinner Spinner – FREEar
    The All Recipes app has been very helpful in assisting us decide upon menu items. You can have the app randomly choose something for you, or you can select the main ingredient (chicken, seafood, etc.), dish type (like main dish, side dish, etc.), and amount of time to prepare (20 minutes, etc.). Then the app pulls up a bunch of recipes from which you can select to make for dinner. There is also a premium version for $2.99, but I’m reluctant to purchase it because I’m not fully certain what the benefit would be for us.
  5. Fridge Friend – $.99fridge
    I’m TERRIBLE at keeping track of what’s in the fridge. Something will get buried in the back and I forget it’s there until it’s too late. As a result, a lot of leftovers go to the compost bin. Enter Fridge Friend. You can keep track of what is in your fridge and where it is. You can also track what’s in your freezer, your pantry, and so on. And you enter an expiration date (I usually put 4 days for most leftovers, 2 days for raw meat). Each entry is then color coded–green for still going strong, yellow for approaching expiration, and red for eat ASAP.
  6. All-in Yoga – $.99yoga
    Since one of my physical therapists suggested I ought to try yoga to help with my bulging disc and prevent my leg from being in pain, I gave this app a try. It’s highly customizable and easy to use. It has suggested workouts (I selected the back strengthening). It has voice explanation and a video. You can pause as you go so you can keep up if you’re a beginner.
  7. Motivated Moms 2013 – $7.99moms
    There is a  free, Lite version of this app, too, that you can test-run to see if you like it before purchasing as it is kinda expensive. This app is easy to use, very customizable, and highly useful. I’ve been using it to track all of our family events and activities and to remind myself to do any task from daily chores to prepare gifts and greeting cards. You can set the items to repeat never, every day, every other day, selected days, every week, every 2 weeks, every month, selected months, or every year. You can also color-code the items to indicate who is supposed to do which task; however, since I’m the only one using it, I instead color code them according to importance (I have it set to red=must do today; yellow=should do today; green=do whenever).
  8. Pink Pad Pro – $1.99pinkpad
    This app also has a limited free version to test run it. Basically, this keeps track of when my monthly friend comes and goes, how much I weigh (great for when trying to lose weight), when I’m fertile, what my temperature is (when tracking fertility), what symptoms I’m enduring, and it has a notes section. It also has charts to track the progress of your weight or body temperature. And you can join a variety of women’s health forums to discuss health with other women.
  9. Laundry Time — $.99laundry
    I’m super scatterbrained. So much so that there are days where I will literally forget to transfer the laundry from the washer to the dryer. When I do remember, it stinks from sitting there, wet, for so long. So I add some vinegar and run it again. And, sometimes (during those super scatterbrained weeks), I’ll forget again. Sigh. Some loads go through 4 washes before I finally remember to toss them in the dryer. Enter the Laundry Time app. I set the timer and it gives me a notification that it’s done. LOVE it! I think it’s actually geared towards people who use laundromats since it has 4 washer timers and 4 dryer timers, lol, but hey, it works great for this forgetful mommy! Oh, and it also has a list that explains what all those laundry symbols (as found on clothing tags) mean.
  10. ShopBerry – FREEshopberry
    This is my top favorite app of all (thus far, at least). And the one I’ve used the most. Its a colorful, fun, easy-to-use, customizable grocery (and non-grocery) shopping list. You can have multiple lists, add and delete items, keep track of the cost as you’re shopping, add notes with each item as you add it to your list (I used this when I got tomatoes for making ketchup so I’d remember what I needed the tomatoes for), and more. I completely edited the thing so that the categories reflected the different sections of our grocery and discount stores. When you’re done shopping, you add the items to the “cart” and it saves your trip, which helps in tracking prices and to see what you have recently purchased. I also like that it crosses off the items as your shopping so the list gets smaller as you go. And best of all, it’s FREE!

What are your favorite useful apps?


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