Frego Food Storage and Preparation System Review

fregologoAs a wife and mom, Juhi Gupta Gulati cared about giving her family the best and the most healthful. She used top-quality plastic containers, but as she learned more about the toxins that leach into food when heated in a plastic container, she stopped heating anything in the plastic containers. As a result, she and her family would heat food in a glass container, store in plastic, and eat off another dish. This lead to too many dishes. Plus, eventually, the plastic containers would stain or warp, necessitating they be thrown away.

So Juhi got creative. After consulting with her husband, engineers, designers, and friends, and after a lot of prototype testing, she invented the Frego storage and preparation system.


This unique system features a glass container with a sylicone sleeve and lid. Watch the following video to learn more.


DSCN4369Frego sent us 4 of their 2-cup containers to review–one in each color.

DSCN4371Each container has three components–a silicone sleeve, a glass container, and a SoftSnap lid.

DSCN4372The SoftSnap lid double seals the container by snapping around the glass container and the silicone sleeve.

DSCN4380The SoftSnap lid can cap just the glass without the silicone sleeve. This is convenient for storing leftovers or lunches in the fridge. Since it’s clear, you can see what’s in it without having to mess with the lid.

DSCN4373On the bottom of each container are icons to remind you what you can or cannot do with the container (for example, it’s freezable, but you don’t want to put it over a live flame).

DSCN4370With or without the silicone sleeves, the containers neatly stack.

DSCN4381One of the neatest things about the containers is that you can write on the silicone sleeve with a dry-erase marker. This means you can label what’s in the container, mark who’s container is who’s, or write messages to each other.

I really, really like these containers! They are SO versatile. The glass is specially made so it can be heated in the microwave or oven to a temperature as high as 600 degrees Fahrenheit. With the silicone sleeve, it can be heated to 464 degrees Fahrenheit. When items are heated in it, I don’t need a trivet or hot pad to rest it on as long as it’s in the silicone sleeve. The containers can be frozen. They are both top and bottom rack dishwasher safe. They come in such fun colors! And I adore that I can write on them with a dry-erase marker as this is handy in SO many ways.

The only con I can find with this container is that they don’t stack, which means they can take up quite of bit of room when in storage. But, due to the nature of its design, it seems unlikely that it could be designed to stack.



You can purchase Frego storage containers online at



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Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free for evaluation purposes. Regardless, all opinions expressed are still 100% my own.

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