The Totally Toddler {and Adult} Friendly Bathroom {With Free Printables}

The Totally Toddler {and Adult} Friendly Bathroom

The Little Mister is now mostly potty trained, the Little Guy will be catching up within a year or so, we plan on having more wee ones in the future, and I often do babysitting (including toddlers). Because of all this toddlerness, I decided to just go all-out and make our bathroom totally toddler friendly. BUT, as adorable and toddler-friendly as it may be, it’s still totally functional for adults to use, too.

In today’s post, I’m going to share what I have done thus far (complete with pictures and links to where you can buy where applicable), let you know some things I plan to do, and give you some super cute rubber ducky-themed printables that I designed and that are free for you to download, print, and use.

The Potty

pottyThe potty is one of the most impressive pieces. Yes, that sounds weird. But let me illustrate.

toddler potty seatThe toilet seat has a toddler seat ATTACHED to it!

adult potty seatPlus the toddler seat has a magnet in it so that it sticks to the lid, transforming the toilet into an adult potty, too. Genius! I bought this toilet seat online at Amazon. There’s one for an elongated toilet (which is what we have) and one for a standard toilet. The best part about the potty is no fumbling with a potty seat and no hook to hang it!

Potty Step Stool

looster boosterAlso around the potty is a Looster Booster. This step “wraps” around the toilet so it’s out of the way when adults use the toilet, but there for the short people to use. You can read my full review on this clever invention HERE.


booksSince the Little Mister does his business better when he’s entertained, I keep a metal bucket that I bought at Hobby Lobby to store books (there’s a rubber ducky one for obvious reasons and a Pooh one–get it?) and a mini MagnaDoodle (doodle–*snicker*) to keep him busy (and I mean that in more than one way).


stoolTo help the Little Mister reach the sink to wash up, we have this folding stool. The stool quickly and easily folds up so it can be tucked out of the way so older kids and grown-ups won’t trip over it while using the sink. Plus it has a handle so it’s easier to carry around.

AqueduckOn the faucet is the Aqueduck Faucet Extender. This simple little invention is awesome since my son can’t reach the faucet without it. We also have the Aqueduck Handle Extender which only works on two-handle faucets, but is perfect so the Little Mister can turn on and off the faucet by himself. You can read my full Aqueduck review HERE.

towel holderAfter washing his hands, the Little Mister has a towel that he can easily reach. I used a toilet paper roll holder that we had hanging around unused in the house, hung a regular hand towel on it, then tied a ribbon around the towel to make it stay put (so we don’t have to pick up the hand towel a million times).

Brushing Teeth

twooth timerTo ensure our kiddos are brushing their teeth for long enough (2 minutes), we have a super cute, fun, tooth-shaped Twooth Timer. This timer only goes to 2 minutes, so the Little Mister can set the timer to the correct time himself.

One goal I have for this area of the bathroom is to place a small mirror below our regular mirror so that our sons can see themselves in the mirror while they brush their teeth. Right now, the main mirror is too high for them. But, I haven’t found a small mirror that’s just the right size for just the right price…yet.

Bath Time

faucet coverThen there’s the bathtub. We have a Skip Hop whale spout cover to protect their heads from injuries (and it is very well worth it–they’re constantly bumping into it during bath time).

bath kneelerTo save my knees during bath time, we have a Skip Hop whale bath kneeler.

elbow restTo save my elbows, there’s a Skip Hop whale bathtub elbow rest.

no skidSince the boys often stand up in the tub, the Skip Hop whale bath mat comes in handy to keep them from slipping. You can read my full Skip Hop review HERE (plus enter a giveaway).

shampoo visorsTo prevent water from getting in my boys’ eyes, their shampoo visors come into play. Plus, they like wearing them!

toy crateSince the boys have a couple of large bath toys that they enjoy playing with, just a regular plastic crate serves well to store their toys. Since it has holes, the water drains out easily.

Light Switch

KidswitchSo that the Little Mister can turn the light on and off by himself, we have a KidSwitch lightswitch extender (they also have a decora switch adapter). It even glows in the dark! Saves us a lot of trouble and money (you know, on electricity)! You can read my full KidSwitch review HERE (plus find a coupon code).


Though not necessary for function, having a decorated bathroom definitely makes it fun for mommy the kiddos. Our bathroom dons a rubber ducky theme. It’s so cute! I had most of the rubber ducky items in my “hope chest” since I was a teenager.

toothbrush holderWe have a rubber ducky toothbrush holder…

soap holder…soap holder…

trash can…trash can…

shower curtain hooks…shower curtain hooks (used to have a rubber ducky shower curtain, too, but it got yucky)…

robe…and I even hung up a rubber ducky bath robe!

picturesDecking one of the walls are some super cute rubber ducky bathroom art that I personally designed. I wrote the silly little poems, printed the papers out (used our church’s printer so they’d be higher quality), framed and hung them. You can purchase the printable files via my Esty shop.

pictureHere’s another piece featuring a cute poem I found online. This one is also available on my Etsy shop.

clockAnd there’s a rubber ducky clock. I did this by buying a cheap clock from Walmart, using a knife to carefully pull the plastic dome off the front, sticking 3-D stickers on the clock’s face, then replacing the dome. Easy-peasy! I’ve personalized several other clocks in our home this same way.

Free Printables

Last but not least, here’s a couple FREE goodies for you!

Rubber Ducky Potty Training Chart

There are two ways you can use this chart. Print one out each week and have your child stick stickers on it as he accomplishes potty tasks (do double-sided printing to save paper) OR you can put it inside a picture frame or laminate it and have him mark accomplished tasks with a dry erase marker.


Rubber Ducky Dosage Chart

This chart is handy to keep in the bathroom when you need to give your wee one Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Advil (ibuprofen). The charts are easy to read and you can use them for most generic acetaminophen or ibuprofen as well (just make sure the strength matches).


What do you have/did you do to your bathroom to make it toddler friendly?



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    I love that seat! When the next one potty trains, I’m going to be looking into it. We bring the folding step stool (ours is purple) on vacations with us, it’s a life saver. And I’m going to search for a ribbon _right now_ to tie around the hand towel. You’re a genius.

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