Tummy Trouble Tea: A Natural Remedy for an Upset Stomach


Because I strive to eat healthfully, I very, very rarely get an upset stomach. But when it strikes I am a serious baby about it.

Well, the other night was one of THOSE nights. I had wicked painful gas cramps, my tummy gurgled and groaned LOUDLY and non-stop, and I just couldn’t get to sleep because it was bothering me so badly.

So I crawled out of bed in search of a remedy. I don’t keep many drugs on hand, so I had no Pepto or any other not-so-good for you medicine. So, instead, I set to work making myself some tea.

Utilizing my knowledge of herbs (I’ve been studying it a lot), I concocted a Tummy Trouble Tea with what herbs we happened to have on hand. A bit of Sweet Leaf stevia to sweeten it (no cream, though, as I understand that can mess with the beneficial properties of the herbs) and I went to sipping away.

Within about 10 to 15 minutes, my upset tummy which had been torturing me all night (this was around 2 AM) FINALLY began to settle.

This is that concoction. May it also help you and your family in times of tummy troubles.


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  1. says

    I was just telling my sister how when I get a bad tummy, I feel betrayed because I eat so healthfully! Unfortunately I get a bad tummy too from time to time, and I never know what to do other than taking Tums. I’ll definitely make this tea next time – thanks so much!

  2. julia J says

    Is stevia all natural? I thought it was an artificial sweetener. I am going into my second month of making my own meals, and watching what my family eats. Also, making all of our own cleaning and beauty products. So much to learn, but love making my own products. Thanks for the feedback on stevia!

    • says

      If it’s properly extracted from the Stevia plant, yes, it’s natural. I recommend the SweetLeaf brand. Would avoid Truvia (made by Coca-Cola) or PureVia (made by Pepsi) though. :-)

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