Bonus Entry Codes No More–See What’s Replacing Them!


Ah, Bonus Entry Codes. Just find the Bonus Entry Code in our newsletter or via one of our social network sites and enter it once daily in each of our giveaways for a bonus 25 entries. Though many readers really enjoyed these BEC’s, many others didn’t like them so much. So, in an effort to keep our giveaways absolutely fun for everyone, I have decided to do away with them altogether.

But no worries! You’ll still have a chance to grab some bonus entries EVERY DAY in EVERY GIVEAWAY!* Only now, it’s MUCH easier to do so. JUST GRAB THEM!


In place of the daily Bonus Entry Code entry method, there’s now a simple, easy-peasy Daily Bouquet. Just click Enter and bam–you have 24 bonus entries! Come back once daily to grab 24 more bonus entries until the giveaway has expired.

Why 24 instead of 25? Well, in keeping with my website’s floral theme, I dubbed it the Daily Bouquet (because it’s a daily gift for you!) and 24 made more sense to me because 24 entries equals 2 dozen (you know, like 2 dozen flowers).

I know many of you enjoyed the Bonus Entry Codes, but I doubt any of you are going to complain about a daily, uber-easy just-click-it bonus 24 freebies!

Give me a holler in a comment below if you like this change!

P.S. By the way, did you know that none of our giveaway entries are mandatory? This means that if you don’t have a Twitter account or a Facebook account or simply don’t want to perform a particular entry–you don’t have to! This is to keep the giveaway extra fun and stress-free.

*Important Note: By every giveaway, I do mean every Measuring Flower-hosted giveaway. Some group giveaways which are hosted by other bloggers may not include the Daily Bouquet (such as if it is the hosting fellow blogger who put together the entry form).



  1. Darlene Schuller says

    I love this. Thank you so much for not only doing away with bonus codes all together, but still giving us the sweet 2 dozen free entries!!! You rock!! Thank you sooo much!

  2. annie page says

    The other was fine but this is much easier. If you want to talk about fair and fun instrgram is not for all you need an iphone a lot don’t, then there the grab my button or place on your blog well there goes more points out the window for non bloggers unless the point is only bloggers should enter. Thanks for listening all and all I love all the contest and enjoy the blogger pages win or lose

  3. Margot C says

    Thank you so much for this! I never (not once) found one of those words. I would look through the emails and be mystified!

  4. Sandy Cain says

    I am happy with this! I read the leaflet religiously (I don’t get out much, lol!), but this is easier. Sometimes I am SO clueless! So, thanks! And (((HUGS)))

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