Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder and Dryer Balls Review

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free as a thank you for writing this post. Regardless, all opinions expressed are completely my own.


On Christmas Eve of 2005, Molly came into the world as a stillborn baby. Devastated by her loss, Molly’s mom Monica Leonard began researching how stillbirths are caused. One of the results of her extensive research turned up that chemicals–both put into and onto the body of the mother–can contribute to birth problems.

Monica began researching the ingredients in many of her common household and personal items and was surprised to discover how many were extremely toxic. She also discovered that these items are what is making cancer as well as endocrine, neuroligical, and auto-immune disorders mount to an all-time high.

As a result of her research, Monica was on a mission to educate others about the toxic items in, well, pretty much everything. She also began Molly’s Suds in 2008 to provide non-toxic clothes washing supplies for individuals and families to use.


DSCN4540Molly’s Suds sent us a bag laundry powder and 3 wool dryer balls to review.

DSCN4555The laundry powder is a pristine white color, has an AMAZING mint scent, and came with a blue scoop.

The Molly’s Suds laundry powder did an excellent job of getting our clothes and cloth diapers very, very clean. We used it in our front-loading washing machine with no issues, meaning it’s HE safe. It also worked great with our hard water.

I LOVE the minty smell of the laundry powder, but–much to my husband’s pleasure–it didn’t carry on and cause the clothes to come out smelling minty. I also am glad that it came with a scoop because many other laundry powders I have used expect you to provide your own scoop.

The wool dryer balls are just as amazing. They did a great job of cutting down drying time and they also helped make our clothes non-static (a big plus since we live in a very dry state).

My utmost favorite part about Molly’s Suds is just how non-toxic and safe it is for my family. It received an optimal A rating on the Environmental Working Group. It’s very safe to use for babies and adults alike. It’s safe for cleaning cloth diapers and mama cloth. And it does a great job! It’s just overall the best buy-able laundry soap I have ever used!


coupon codeYou can purchase Molly’s Suds laundry powder, wool dryer balls, and a variety of other items online at Plus, use the coupon code Measuringflower between now and August 15, 2013, to receive 15% off your order!


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Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free as a thank you for writing this post. Regardless, all opinions expressed are completely my own.

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  1. I learned that they use only ingredients GRAS (Generally recognized as safe) by the FDA and it is non-toxic and safe for the whole family.


  2. Canada and Europe have banned many of the chemicals we commonly use in our household products because of their human toxicity

  3. I learned that their All Sport soap is non-toxic and can be used as a dish soap or hand soap. I love multipurpose products!

  4. I learned she started up this after giving birth to a stillborn baby and has named the company after her!

  5. I learned that iodine is essential but that Fluoride has long been known to be a very toxic substance

  6. I learned they also have a product called Molly’s Suds All Sport that is good for sports clothing but is also really gentle.

  7. I like how effect people find it for cloth diapers and that the site gives recommendations on how to use their product with cloth.

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