Two Hippos Wall Bumpi Bed Rails Review

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free as a thank you for writing this post. Regardless, all opinions expressed are completely my own.

Two Hippos was founded in 2010 by Natalia Ortiz, the super mom to two kids. This clever mom-inventor innovates a variety of helpful products that enrich the lives of children and parents alike. Some of the items she sells includes the Wall Bumpi Bed Rails, Cot Buddy Cot Mats, Monster Buddy Body Pillows, and Hide-Eez Under Shorts for girls.

Natalia sent us two of their Deluxe Twin Wall Bumpi bed rails in the Aqua color.

The first thing I noticed on these fun Bumpis was the spacious pocket on the side. There’s a flap that can be pulled to make it easier to put things in the pocket. This pocket is great for storing a sippy cup with water, a stuffed animal, books, and any other items that the Little Mister can use while in bed.

Each Bumpi has an adjustable strap along the bottom with a buckle. This strap wraps around the twin bed mattress, just over the fitted sheet.

Each end of the strap is attached via a hook and loop closure. This makes it easy to remove the strap from the Bumpi when necessary, such as for washing.

To make washing the cover on the Bumpi super simple, it can be removed via a zipper opening.

Natalia has awesome customer service skills! One of the Bumpis that we were sent for review had an oops. The pocket was upside down! Natalia was so kind as to send us a replacement cover with an upright pocket!

Installing the Bumpi was the most difficult part, and that was really easy! The strap, as I mentioned before, wrapped all the way around the mattress. The strap is adjustable so I pulled it snug.

Here are the Bumpis in use. I even got my little ham to pose pretending to be asleep (you know, with a smile–totally natural!). I completely removed the strap from the Bumpi against the wall; since it is pressed up against the wall mainly to prevent the Little Mister from whacking his head, I didn’t think it needed to be strapped to the mattress.

Remember that buckle I mentioned above? Another really neat feature about each Bumpi is that the buckle can be undone and the Bumpi moved on top of the covers so I could neatly make the Little Mister’s bed without having to leave the Bumpis as unattractive lumps underneath the covers! We simply return the Bumpi to its place underneath the covers and buckle it to the strap when we put the Little Mister to bed.

The Bumpis are an awesome invention! They come in such fun colors that there’s most likely a color to match any child’s room. They’re not tedious to use and tuck away like other bed rails, they’re not hard like other bed rails (which is excellent considering my son constantly bumps into them), the pocket is very handy (I stick books and toys in them for the Little Mister to look and play with in the morning when he wakes up), and I love the fact that the cover can easily be washed. They’re also compact enough to be stored when not in use.


You can purchase the Wall Bumpi Bed Rails and a variety of other clever products online at

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Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned for free as a thank you for writing this post. Regardless, all opinions expressed are completely my own.



  1. I would choose the aqua. I live these they are perfect for my daughter! Right now we have a foam bumper stuck under her sheet which keeps her in bed, but doesn’t look good and causes the sheet to ride up.

  2. I would choose Aqua Deluxe Toddler Wall Bumpi but in reality I’d let my daughter choose for her baby.

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